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How to Block Text Messages on iPhone

How to Block Text Messages on iPhone

Hello and welcome guys in today’s how-to guide I’ll show you how to block text messages on your iPhone. Sometimes it’s become very tedious and unpleasant to get all those unwanted text messages on your phone continuously.

The easiest way to block text messages on iPhone is from the Messages app present on your phone itself. With the below-described method, you can easily block text messages on your iPhone.

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Here are the steps to block text messages on your iPhone:

Step 1 First of all, open the text messages app on your iPhone.

Step 2 Now open the particular contact or a text message from the unknown sender.

Step 3 Now tap on the name or number displayed on the text message. You’ll now see three icons from which tap on the ‘info’ icon.

Step 4 After pressing the info icon you’ll find a subsequent menu. Press the right-facing arrow icon present at the extreme right of the contact’s name or number from which you’re getting text messages.

Step 5 Now you’ll be greeted with a page showing four options to you. From the options tap on “Block this Caller”.

Step 6 As soon as you click on ‘block this number’ a pop-up will appear, tap on “Block Contact” to confirm.

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Final Words on How to block text messages on iPhone

And this is how you can completely block the text messages on your iPhone successfully. And if you liked this article and learned something new then share it with your family and friends. For any doubt or suggestions, you can reach out to me via the comment section down below.


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