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What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

Hello friends and welcome again to your own tech guide: Techanalysia. I know everyone is aware of what is RAM, but not everyone has a deep understanding of RAM. Oh, I have liked 1Gb of RAM in my old computer but my laptop has 8Gb of RAM. So why is it better to have more RAM? Well, with more RAM your computers and smartphones can do more things and run more programs at the same time... well we all know that. So that's where I'll try to help a little bit.  Let's get started. WHAT IS RAM? DEFINITION OF RAM  What is a RAM? RAM as we all know stands for Random Access Memory. It's one of the two basic memories that an electronics computing device can have. Random Access Memory (RAM) may be a hardware device that permits information to be stored and retrieved on a computer. RAM may be a volatile memory and requires power to stay the info accessible. If the pc is turned off, all data contained in RAM is lost. It is the main memory in an electronic device such as computer/laptop

Tech News #1

  Hello and welcome friends on TechAnalysia. Let's start with some fresh and first episode of Tech News:- Tech News #1 Realme soon launching two new smartphones in the first week of September. Realme 7 & Realme 7 pro with a whooping 65W SuperDart technology claiming to charge the phone fully in just under 34 minutes. With a 90 Hz display panel and with MediaTek Helio G90 SoC. Quite Insane!

What is UI (User Interface) in smartphones ?

Hello friends and welcome back to your own tech guide Techanalysia. Today we are going to discuss that what is UI (User Interface) in smartphones? Meaning of UI! Well with that said let's start. In the world of smartphones, if we talk about operating systems, we all know that it's divided between two major platforms iOS & Android. But if we specifically talk about Android then we got different types of interfaces like EMUI, MIUI, Funtouch OS, Color OS, One UI, Oxygen OS, etc. Today in this article we are going to know, that what is this UI in the first place. What is UI in smartphones OR What is Mobile UI Basically, UI (User Interface) is a software front for interacting with the technical features of a smartphone. The interaction between user and mobile phone to perform any task, through an interface is called User Interface.  By software front I mean, whenever you first time boot up your phone the animation you see while booting and after booting when first time your main

RAM or Processor: What makes a smartphone fast ?

  Hello friends and welcome again to your own tech guide: Techanalysia. So today we are to going to see that, what makes a smartphone fast? Is it RAM or Processor? One can't choose between RAM and Processor while determining a device's performance. RAM or Processor: What makes a smartphone fast? The answer to the above question is, both. RAM and Processor are both responsible for the smooth and lag-free performance of your smartphone. Let's take a look at how these two play an important role in a smartphone. First thing first, the type of rams used in smartphones are DDR RAMs.  In particular, the RAM used in smartphones is technically called LPDDR RAM. This term stands for 'Lower Power Double Data Rate RAM. These LPDDR RAMs are the version of DDR RAMS specially designed for smartphones.  These RAMs are optimized for low power consumption because these RAMs are used inside smartphones which are having a small battery compared to PC/ Laptop in which DDR RAMs are employe

Smartphone screen explained: PPI, Resolution, Display Type

  Hello friends and welcome back to your own tech guide Techanalysia. Today we are going to discuss the screens employed in our smartphones. Whenever you looking for a smartphone through online mode and you scrolling down different web pages and specification sheets of phones, you often find several confusing terminologies, especially in the display section of a particular phone. Like: The resolution, Resolution type, Display type, PPI, Pixel Density, etc. With everyday changes in smartphone technologies, the display of smartphones changed too. Thanks to their rising competition. Back then, when touchscreen phones were introduced, the display got a lot of attention from the users. Generally in a smartphone, we look for a display that produces sharp texts, vibrant & crisp photos, a lag-free video experience, and adequate brightness too. After reading this article you'll get a better idea of your smartphone screens. So let's get started from the basics of a smartphone screen

Internet Turns 25 years old in India: Interesting facts

  Hello friends and welcome again on your own tech guide i.e. TechAnalysia. So, today let me take you on a journey about the Internet in India. So without further wasting any time let's get started. Yesterday, India celebrated its 74th year of independence, the country has reached yet another milestone. That day, twenty-five years ago, Indian citizens accessed the Internet for the first time. Internet Turns 25 years old in India: Facts From Rs 5,000 for 9.6 kbps in 1995 to Rs 7 for 1GB in 2020 Those were different times, and the price of accessing the Internet didn’t come cheap. According to a Times of India report from August 15, 1995, the basic tariff for a single user was Rs 5,000 per month for a 9.6 kbps dial-up connection for 250 hours of usage. Fast-forward to today, and India has some of the lowest mobile data prices in the world at Rs 7 per GB. And, while accessing the Internet was reserved for a few elites in 1995; today, India has more than half a billion Internet users

Ideas to keep your Gmail account safe from Hackers

  Hello friend and welcome again to your own tech guide i.e. TechAnalysia. Today we going to look at some useful tips to keep you safe from being hacked by your beloved Gmail account. So let's get started. In the 21st Century, almost everyone is kind of using a Google service anyway in our daily lives. We all are completely integrated into the Google system with Android, Google mail(Gmail), Google Docs, Google Maps, Youtube & Google search. And all these things are connected using a Gmail account. You need a Gmail Id to operate or access these different apps. With this much high integration, it's required to keep your Gmail account safe, because if it is been compromised, then your Google system will be at a hell of a risk. Ideas to keep your Gmail account safe So, today I m going to tell you some useful tips with which you can keep your Gmail account safe.  Choose a unique and strong password It's pretty obvious though. Always choose a strong password, at least a minim

What is a Multi-core processor? What is a CPU core?

 Hello friends and welcome again to your own tech guide Techanalysia. Today I am here with another interesting article on Processors/CPUs. Today we are going to look at what multi-core processors are? But before going any further, I suggest you visit my previous articles on Processors/CPUs, so you'll not face any problems understanding this one. With that said, let's get started. Multi-core processors First thing first, in today's storyline with so many tech gadgets around yourself, it's important to know about the device you are using or buying. Let say if you're buying a phone or maybe planning to buy one in near future you should've checked a certain thing or points that will make your purchase justify. There is a lot of things to be considered while buying a new smartphone, and the 'Processor' is the important one to check out while buying a phone. Although in the processor itself there are lots of points to check like: the processor make, power, spe

What does nanometer means in processors? Photolithography?

Hello friends and welcome back to your own tech guide: Techanalysia. With smartphones launching every month on regular basis with new features added to them, then there is one term you've crossed paths whenever you see a launching of a smartphone or an ad on a webpage, on YouTube, and any social media platform you use. That term is "nm" which stands for "nanometer". You may have seen this: The X smartphone launches with this latest X processor based on the  7nm/10nm/12nm/14nm process. Photolithography process definition In the past few years, this "nm" term has been around quite a bit, yet there is a lot of confusion among most of the users. So today here we try to minimize that bit of confusing part in the smartphone industry. So without further delay, let's get started. As I told you previously in my articles, smartphone CPUs are designed using millions of tiny transistors, which are combined to make electrical switches that switch on and off

Comparison: CPU vs GPU

Hello friends and welcome again to your own tech guide: Techanalysia. Today we gonna try to seek answers to a burning question that's running along with the years as we grow. Yes, you got it right today we gonna look at the difference between CPU and GPU. What is a CPU? What is GPU? So, without wasting time let's get started. What is a CPU? It is the brain of your PC/Laptop & in the case of a smartphone, it's the brain of your SoC.  It's designed so that it can handle a wide variety of tasks and is built so well to used common functions used by your phone's OS (Operating System) and other apps as well. CPU is the widely used type of processor. Constructed from millions of transistors, the CPU can have multiple processing cores. The performance of the CPU can be enhanced by changing the clock speed which is in (GHz), or by increasing the number of CPU cores. A basic CPU has cores ranging between one and four cores clocked at anywhere between 1 to 4 GHz. What is G