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Top Five Camera Phones Under ₹50,000 In India 2022

With rapid technological advancement over the past ten years, smartphone cameras have advanced significantly. Nowadays, the majority of smartphones produce high-quality images and videos. The best camera phones under 50000, however, are those that push the limits of technology and produce images that are on par with certain conventional cameras. However, video performance varies significantly among phones, just like image quality does. Therefore, we've compiled a list of the 5 best camera phones under 50000 that you could want to think about purchasing to assist you in capturing whatever it is you desire in the greatest possible approach. Note: Here I have included only those mobile phones which are available under ₹50,000 without any kind of discount and coupon code. Read Also: Smartphone Photography Terms: Aperture, ISO, HDR List Of Best Camera Phones Under 50000 In India 2022 Apple iPhone 11 It's uncommon for iPhones to appear in this category, but Apple has managed to accom

How To Enable The New Haptic Keyboard In iOS 16

Even while iOS 16 won't be available on all devices for some time, early betas have already shown off some of the lesser-known features that Apple didn't spend that much time discussing at the time of the official unveiling. According to a recent announcement from Apple, The iPhone will now have a built-in haptic keyboard feature, which will let you feel sensations while you type.  Read Also:  How to Use Live Text in Video on iOS 16 Public Beta One of iOS 16's finest features is the new Haptic Touch keyboard. Apple has now integrated this kind of keyboard feature into their phones for the very first time, but it has long been a feature of Android handsets. However, iPhone users have long asked for haptic feedback when typing on the native keyboard. Up to the release of iOS 16, the only way to get feedback when typing on an iPhone was to utilize a third-party app like Google's Gboard. Read Also:  iOS 16 Public Beta is Released: Here's How to Install it How To Enable