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How to Use Live Text in Video on iOS 16 Public Beta

                                  Image Credit: Apple Live Text was introduced by Apple with iOS 15. You may recognize and copy text while taking a picture or using the camera with the aid of on-device intelligence. Thanks to Live Text, you can also use the spotlight to explore the text in photos. Live Text in a video on iOS 16 now allows you to extract text from videos.  In order to pick the text, first, pause the video and then hit the Live Text icon. Right now, only iOS 16 Beta devices are currently compatible with it. iOS 16 is compatible with iPhone models 8 and later, while certain features require more specialized hardware. For instance, iOS 16's Live Text on iPhone requires at least an iPhone XR or XS. Read Also:  iOS 16 Public Beta is Released: Here's How to Install it How To Use Live Text in Video on iPhone Note: This Live Text in a video on iOS 16 feature is only available on smartphones with the A12 Bionic or later, just with Live Text, which was introduced with iOS

iOS 16 Public Beta is Released: Here's How to Install it

Finally, the public beta for iOS 16 is now accessible. Apple has made iOS 16's first public beta available. The Apple iOS 16 beta profile can be used by anyone with an iPhone 8 or later to test out the additional features.  With the iOS 16 beta profile download, you can now customize your lock screen, get a better notifications feed with Live Activities, and have stronger parental controls. In advance of the final release later this year, you can currently test it out in the beta form. Read Also: How to Block Text Messages on iPhone. iOS 16 Public Beta Release Date iOS 16 public beta was made available by Apple on July 11, 2022. You can now install it to get a taste of iOS 16 Public beta features. Read Also: How to Restore Deleted Files from Google Drive. Risk Involving With the Download of iOS 16 Public Beta The problem with beta software must first be explained before we go on to describe how to install the iOS 16 public beta on your iPhone. For those who are unaware, betas are i

Best Free Online Photoshop Alternatives 2022

Are you looking for the best free online Photoshop alternatives in 2022? A best free online photoshop alternative as feature-rich and dependable as Adobe Photoshop? Then you don't need to worry because you are at the right place. Photo manipulation is an art form. It is an important skill set for businesses and professionals alike to have. Nowadays, there are enough apps and tools available to get the job done. Most professionals and Photographers  around the globe choose Adobe photoshop when it comes to editing photos and adding effects to them. Yet, subscribing to Adobe's Creative Cloud isn't cheap. It costs anyone $20 per month, meaning you'd be paying over $240 a year alone for Photoshop. Read Also:  10 Best Gaming Laptops under 1 lakh 2022 Best Online Photoshop alternatives Why would you want to pay for Photoshop with all the Photoshop alternatives available online? There are plenty of other options that will provide you with the same customization, effect,