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TN vs VA vs IPS | Which is best display panel for gaming?

Hello guys and welcome back to your own tech guide: TechAnalysia. So as you already know from the title that today we are here to discuss some display panel types used in the electronic market widely these days, especially in laptops and desktop monitors. Whenever you try to opt for a good panel type for your PC/laptop whether it's for gaming or editing or video rendering etc., you often came across some basic types of display panels available  in the market. Like; IPS, VA, TN panels. Then while you are deciding which one to buy there are some questions hovering around in your mind like:- Are IPS better than TN? Is TN or IPS better for gaming? Is the VA panel better than IPS? TN vs VA vs IPS: which is best for gaming? Today we are here exactly for all these questions. We try to get all these questions to be answered in this article.  So with all that said, let's get started. So let me tell you first there are some other factors to keep in mind while choosing a monitor display