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Important iOS features & settings you should at-least know about

  Hello friends and welcome back to your own tech guide: Techanalysia. Today I'm going to share really awesome features & tricks you should know about if you are an iPhone user.  So without further delay let's get started. List of top ten hidden iOS features and settings Maybe you've been using an iPhone for years, or maybe you just recently switched to it. In both cases, there are so many little settings that you probably don't know about, but really should. They might have to do with security or privacy, or are just plain useful. So today we're going to go over 13 settings in iOS that you should really change right away. Keep in mind this list is based on iOS 11, so if you have something other than that, things might look a bit different. We can start off with some privacy settings because I think those are pretty important. 1. The first one will stop Apple from tracking your behavior and using it to advertise to you. Go to Settings, Privacy, then at the bott

Hidden Android Features You Must Know

Hello friends and welcome again to your own tech guide i.e, TechAnalysia. Today, there is something special for every android lover out there. If you are currently using an android device or planning to buy one then you are onto the right address at right time. Today, I'm gonna share a bunch of hidden Android features that you must know for your upcoming and ongoing journey with android smartphones. And by the way, If you're planning to buy a new android smartphone then do check out our page and go through all the articles, that will surely help you out. There are countless settings and tweaks in your android phone but not all settings are good for every user. In fact, there are many android settings that you should change right now, and for a good reason. For example, you can't risk your privacy by leaking your s

Points To be Consider While Buying A New Smartphone

Smartphones these days have become an integral part of our lives. We use them for communication, taking pictures, saving documents on the cloud, internet browsing, and even as a power bank to charge other smartphones. But then, with the wide variety of smartphones available in the market, it is never easy to decide which one to pick. It is always tough deciding the one that may suit our needs best. Before choosing any smartphone you should get your priorities straight first. A smartphone is basically a computer you carry around in your pocket that allows you to perform various tasks. This can be anything from ensuring that you're able to remain connected with the outside world to sitting in a darkened room playing your favorite games.  But how   does one  actually use your smartphone every day? India is the second-largest smartphone market in the world, and it is still growing at almost 30% annually. Today, you can get smartphones at price points ranging from Rs.5,000 all the wa

Top Battery Saving Tips For Smartphones

The biggest problem that we all face with our smartphones is the lack of battery standby. Due to the high definition screen, background apps, and high usage, the battery drains very fast.  So let's get started. So you're minding your business watching a brilliantly narrated video on YouTube or watching a movie or Netflix when your phone switched off without warning. The good news is that there are a lot of ways you can extend your phone's battery life, and here are just some of them. Here are some top battery saving tips for your smartphone: -  #1 Don’t let the charge runs out, some people will tell you that you should let your phone discharge completely before recharging it. This was true for some older phone batteries but, is harmful to the lithium-ion batteries used in modern phones and laptops. Modern batteries are designed to empty between 300 and 500 recharge cycles, depending on the model. Keeping your device charged will extend those 500 cycles over a longer period

Smartphones Hacks You Must Know Part- 2

Hello, and welcome back friends, in the second part of  "Smartphone Hack You Must Know". In case you missed the first one here is the link for the same  Today we'll see some more tips, tricks, and features in a smartphone. List Of Smartphone hacks You Must Know READ TEXT OUT LOUD The next thing that your smartphone can do is that it can read for you it can read eBooks, PDF files, HTML files, or any webpage that you like. All you have to do is that download the Voice Aloud Reader App, to do the tasks open  the app and tap the folder option here you'll see the files which are already stored on your phone you can select any file you want. Now let's say you want the app to read a webpage for you just go to the web page and tap the menu and then share the article with the voice aloud reader app the app will automatically start reading the web page for you. ORGANISE YOUR HOUSE Thinking of buy

Smartphone Hacks You Must Know

Objects like telephones calendars and calculators are dying a slow death next in the line our cameras and laptops all thanks to Smartphones but if you are someone who thinks that's not enough and you want more then you are definitely at the right address. In this Article I am going to tell you some amazing things that your smartphone can do. Measuring height and distance monitoring heart rate etc are all news now your a smartphone can do a lot more than that like organizing your house, controlling a PC or even solving a basic math problem sounds cool right before we start I would like to tell you that a few of these methods are App-based and they work on iOS as well as Android devices. So anyway, without further due, let's jump right in. Here is the list of Ten Smartphone hacks you must know Number one on the list is the " Developer Option " menu, which isn't a secret anymore, but I can't leave it behind. And this menu has all kinds of cool advanced settings n

What is system on a chip aka SoC in smartphones?

Tech geeks love to talk about processing power and chips, be it from PCs to the latest smartphones.  In the previous couple of years, the term "system-on-chip" (SoC) has been thrown around quite a bit, yet there's tons of confusion around what an SoC is in the first place. There are multiple components within any computing system to handle different processing tasks and permit all the hardware and software to interact. Over the years, technology and manufacturing advances have allowed these components to shrink while becoming more powerful, reducing an outsized number of chips with specialized purposes to fewer ones that handle multiple functions. In short, an SoC (System on a chip)  is the ultimate level of integration - when all parts and functions of a system are often combined into one chip. What is SoC aka System On A Chip In Smartphones? So, today we are leaving within the era of smartphones and tablets. And within the past decade technology has been evolved such