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Ideas to keep your Gmail account safe from Hackers

Ideas to keep your Gmail account safe from Hackers

Hello friend and welcome again to your own tech guide i.e. TechAnalysia. Today we going to look at some useful tips to keep you safe from being hacked by your beloved Gmail account.

So let's get started.

In the 21st Century, almost everyone is kind of using a Google service anyway in our daily lives. We all are completely integrated into the Google system with Android, Google mail(Gmail), Google Docs, Google Maps, Youtube & Google search. And all these things are connected using a Gmail account. You need a Gmail Id to operate or access these different apps. With this much high integration, it's required to keep your Gmail account safe, because if it is been compromised, then your Google system will be at a hell of a risk.

Ideas to keep your Gmail account safe

So, today I m going to tell you some useful tips with which you can keep your Gmail account safe. 

Choose a unique and strong password

It's pretty obvious though. Always choose a strong password, at least a minimum of  8-10 characters which should include a number, a special character along with the words. having a password like '123456789' or even 'password' is not a good idea. they are pretty vulnerable. A SQL injection or brute force attack can easily crack your password in no time. choose a random phrase or something with a length of a minimum of 8 characters which include numbers, capital letters, small letters, and some special characters.

USE 2FA Process

Enabling 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) provides the extra protection you need. I personally recommend this to everyone I know. When someone or even you try to log in to your Gmail account from a different device you never used, apart from your account's password it'll also be an OTP sent in your text inbox or via the Google Authenticator. Without this OTP no one can access your Gmail account, but you. It is difficult for anyone to get this OTP without access to your device physically and after multiple login attempts, your account gets blocked, until you again complete the authentication process to unblock it.

Don't give access to every app you install

If you give all the permissions to third-party apps in your device and if they are compromised, in this case, personal details can be leaked. So I recommend you to keep on cleaning your account regularly and don't give access to a third-party app that is non-essential. You can change this by going into your device settings and cancel the access of any third-party app, you are no longer using.

Use a trusted and updated browser

By not using a trusted or updated browser, you are inviting hackers to do phishing attacks on your device. In a phishing attack, hackers use a special kind of software, that attaches itself to your browser and traces your keystrokes and the website you are visiting, then send all that data to the hacker automatically. 

Account Recovery

If a hacker can breach your account or somehow gain access to your account, you can enable this Account recovery option from the settings option of your Gmail account. With the help of this, you can block unauthorized personnel from viewing your account without your permission. It will also send you a message, that someone is trying to access your account.

So, that's all folks for today! I hope you liked it and if you do then please let me know in the comment section below and share with your friends also. And don't forget to subscribe to my Twitter handle, to get all the latest updates.


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