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Comparison: CPU vs GPU

Comparison: CPU vs GPU

Hello friends and welcome again to your own tech guide: Techanalysia. Today we gonna try to seek answers to a burning question that's running along with the years as we grow. Yes, you got it right today we gonna look at the difference between CPU and GPU. What is a CPU? What is GPU?

So, without wasting time let's get started.

What is a CPU?

It is the brain of your PC/Laptop & in the case of a smartphone, it's the brain of your SoC.  It's designed so that it can handle a wide variety of tasks and is built so well to used common functions used by your phone's OS (Operating System) and other apps as well. CPU is the widely used type of processor. Constructed from millions of transistors, the CPU can have multiple processing cores. The performance of the CPU can be enhanced by changing the clock speed which is in (GHz), or by increasing the number of CPU cores. A basic CPU has cores ranging between one and four cores clocked at anywhere between 1 to 4 GHz.

What is GPU?

Along with the CPU, the GPU which Stands for the Graphical Processing Unit is another component packed into your PC/Laptop/Mobile SoCs. In terms of design, due to their less general-purpose, comparing with CPUs, they are very different. It handles all the graphics-related tasks, like visualizing an application's user interface & gaming purposes (2D & 3D). GPU is a kind of processor that is made up of numerous and specially designed cores. Together these cores can deliver gigantic performance when a task can be split up and handled across many cores. It runs on a lower clock speed in comparison to that CPU having multiple cores than the CPU.

Comparison CPU vs GPU

On the surface CPUs and GPUs appear to be very similar. They are both silicon-based microprocessors mounted on a PCB with heat sinks attached to them, but when you look at their microarchitecture they have some fundamental differences that make them suited for different roles inside your PC/Laptop/Phones. CPU is made up of fewer cores with more cache memory that can easily manage few tasks at a time, on the other hand, a GPU is made up of several cores that can manage thousands of tasks parallelly. 

Let’s see the difference between CPU and GPU:

S.NOCPU                        GPU
1.CPU requires more memory than GPU.It requires less memory than a CPU.
2.The pace of the CPU is less in comparison to GPU’s speed.While GPU runs faster than CPU’s pace.
3.CPU contains less powerful cores.While it contains less powerful cores.
4.CPU is suitable for serial instruction processing.While GPU is not composed for this kind of processing.
5.CPU is not appropriate for parallel instruction processing.While GPU is fitted right for parallel instruction processing.
6.CPU forces on low latency.While GPU emphasis more on raw throughput.


In a nutshell, CPU and GPU have some grounds but are designed for different types of computing tasks. A well-organized PC/Laptop/Phone will need both of them to run perfectly.

I hope you learned something new today about the comparison between CPU and GPU. So, that's it for today, if you learned something new then tell us in the comment section down below and share it with your friends. Also not forget to follow us on Twitter, to get the latest updates from us click on the Twitter icon at the bottom of the page.


  1. What do you mean by pace. Is it clock speed? Cpu runs on high speed clock. GPU throughput depends on the FPS it processes.

    1.'s depend upon clock speed, that how fast can a CPU perform & for multitasking smoothly, its depend upon both clock speed and number of cores.


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