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How to Restore Deleted Files from Google Drive


How to Restore Deleted Files from Google Drive

How to Restore Deleted Files from Google Drive


As we all know Google Drive keeps our files (images, videos, documents) in a cloud and you and we as a user can our files at any point in time. But if you deleted any file from Google Drive by mistake, then don’t need to worry. You can recover your file with a few simple steps. And remember you can only recover your deleted file from Google Drive from the 30 days of deletion. Because after deletion of a file from Google Drive it will stay in the Trash/Bin folder for 30 days. After 30 days the file will be permanently deleted and you’ll not be able to recover it again.


And if by any chance you have deleted a file that someone shared with you, then in this case you can’t restore that particular file. You can simply ask the owner of the file to recover it from the Trash/Bin.


And it doesn’t matter if you are recovering your deleted file from your smartphone (Android & iOS) app or from your desktop browser. The steps to recover any deleted file from a mobile app or desktop browser are more or less the same.


So, follow these below-mentioned steps to recover your deleted file from Google Drive:


  1. Open the Google Drive app on your smartphone and tap on the three horizontal bars at the top left corner of the app. Now select the Bin folder from there.
  2. Now if you’re on a desktop, open Google Drive and look for the Trash folder from the left side of your desktop screen.
  3. Or you just open this link in your desktop browser.
  4. Once you’re in Bin/Trash folder. Choose the file you want to recover.
  5. Look for the three-dotted icon below of your file and tap on it.
  6. Now click on Restore.  
  7. Your file will be restored from where it was deleted.

To Conclud the Above

So, this was the step-by-step guide on how to restore deleted files from Google Drive. I hope you'd it informative and helpful. And if you did like it then share it with your family and friends. And if you know any other methods then do let me know in the comment section down below. 


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