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How to turn off Facebook notifications on Mobile & Desktop

Facebook is a great social media platform for keeping up in touch with your friends and family. Facebook lets you know what your friends and family members are up to. You get notifications of everything from Facebook like - whose birthday is coming, where have been your friends for vacations etc. But sometimes these notifications bother you a lot. But thankfully you can turn off/stop Facebook notifications on mobile & desktop . And here in this article, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to turn off/stop Facebook notifications once and all on your mobile & desktop.
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What is Intel Optane Memory? And how to use it?

  Intel Optane Memory: What is it?  And How does it work? Intel Optane Memory seems like new technology, but it’s actually been around for years now. You might already have it but not realize it. The idea behind this technology is to make your computer run faster and more efficiently. In short, it is a proprietary technology introduced by Intel in 2017, originally known as 3D XPoint before being rebranded to Optane. It was initially designed with the purpose of bridging the gap between HDDs and SSDs. As the end result, you get the high capacity and low price of an HDD, complete with the high speeds of an SSD. What is Intel Optane Memory? Intel Optane Memory is a type of memory that speeds up the CPU and hard drive and can be used as cache memory . The idea behind this technology is to make your computer run faster and more efficiently. In a way, Optane functions as a sort of extended cache for your HDD , using fast memory chips to store important data that you’d need to access quick

All You Need To Know About Google Pixel 6

All You Need To About Google Pixel 6 Back in Oct'21 tech giant, Google launched their all-new Google Pixel 6 series of smartphones. The series comprises two smartphones, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with a starting price of $599 (roughly Rs 45,000) for Pixel 6 and $899 (roughly Rs 67,500) for Pixel 6 Pro in the US (United States). But sadly, these smartphones are not coming to India. In fact, Google has just stopped launching its Pixel devices in India.  Anyway, we're here to know the features and specifications of the Google Pixel 6, so let's move on. Firstly, the Pixel 6 is a pretty powerful and special smartphone and you can call this one a flagship smartphone offered by Google. And for starters Pixel 6 features an all-new aluminum frame design, a pretty powerful advanced camera system, an IP68 rating, a high refresh rate (90Hz) AMOLED screen, and an in-display fingerprint sensor. And but obvious the display is HDR10+ certified. Pixel 6 Features/Specifications Secondly and mo

What is the difference between UI and UX?

  What is the Difference Between UI and UX? A Brief Introduction first... Before we jump into the difference between UI and UX, let us take a brief tour of UI and UX. User experience encompasses all aspects of the end user's interaction with the company, its services, its products. This means identifying and designing a solution that meets the needs of our users, regardless of medium, without fuss or bother. To do this, we must consider all aspects of the user's experience from having the right information to ease of use, to quick and concise customer help. This usually means collaborating across departments and merging the services of multiple disciplines, engineering, marketing, graphic or industrial design. The Difference Between UI and UX UX is usually more of a strategy for achieving an end-user design for any domain. Like, developing websites, accounting software, animation, or a product style that builds a reputation for excellence and utility. UI stands for user interfa

What is Virtual RAM, and why do you need it?

Just when you maxed out on memory, there's a little bit more. Computers have a finite amount of random-access memory or RAM, so memory can run out, especially when running multiple programs at the same time. Virtual memory makes it possible to compensate for a computer's physical memory shortages by temporarily transferring data from RAM to disk storage. With virtual memory, the system can load larger programs or multiple programs running at the same time, operating as if it has infinite memory. But before we go ahead if you like the content that I produce, then don't forget to follow the blog for awesome content like this and if you're new here then consider subscribing to the blog for content like this and do follow techanalysia on Twitter and Instagram , press the bell icon so you're the first to know whenever a new article drops.    What is Virtual RAM, and Why Do You Need It? It's a feature of OS that allows your computer or smartphone to use its seconda

HDR10 vs HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision: Which is best?

  HDR10 vs HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision: Which is best? So, last time we discussed the different display types in televisions currently being employed and how you could choose the perfect one according to your need and budget. And today we're here to discuss another important feature which you should look for before buying a new television. In the past few years, the television or technology behind television improved drastically from old CRT televisions to LCD televisions and then modern-day LED televisions, a lot has been changed throughout the years especially in the picture quality and a TV feature which makes the images and videos more appealing and life-like on your TVs is 'HDR'. And today we're going to discuss:- What is HDR? How HDR works? And, different types of HDR formats/standards. But before we go ahead  If you like the content that I produce, don't forget to follow the blog for awesome content like this, and do follow techanalysia on  Twitter  and press th